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I’m Marie, a happy freelance copywriter. I like working on social media, advertising, and branding. And in French s’il vous plaît.  

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  • Apple

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    Job :
    Im transcreating headlines and texts from the US to the FR market and trying to find the right word and right pun for my country.


  • La Française des Jeux

    Sorry. Everything is in French here. Especially in this very very French ad. It’s mainly saying that La Française des Jeux (French gambling) donates to French Education / Sport. And the name of the famous scratch tickets are used to make puns.
    I conceived this print and social media campaign with an AD, wrote the headlines and adapted everything for social media.

    With who : 
    Agency La Netscouade

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  • Innocent

    Sorry again. Everything is still in French here. But you may know this brand. Here is a compliment machine/distributor to send good vibes to people you love on social media. I wrote the compliments and it was quite fun.

    With who : 
    Agency Castor & Pollux


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  • Les Terreauristes

    Oh my god, French puns again.
    This is a gardening brand I’ve co-founded with one of my friends. Its name is Les Terreauristes. In French, Terreau means “compost”. As you can see — and maybe think we are crazy — there is a pun with the word “Terrorists” because we mainly sell Seed Bombs and encourage guerilla gardening. The idea is to make gardening funnier for city-dwellers who want to plant flowers in town, just by throwing little soil bombs. We also created posters. And notebooks made with sowed paper, so that you can tear the page once you’ve finished it, and plant it in the soil : your words become flowers.

    People like it because of its craziness and funny words.

    The products are sold on our e-shop and in a few concept stores in France and Switzerland.
    We also had the chance to collaborate with KENZO.


    AD : la riveraine.fr

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  • La Croix-Rouge Française

    This is a French TV/Cinema/Print campaign I worked on for The French Red Cross. We choose the idea of the chain reaction to explain that the FRC cannot work with out donation.

    With who : 
    Agency : BETC Fullsix

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  • Le Petit Ballon – Christmas

    In this movie, we are saying that taking out a subscription to Le Petit Ballon as a Christmas gift is the best way to show you have good taste. We invented Mirko, a fictive employee in charge of listening to bottle sounds to make sure they sound well before dispatching them. Indeed, in French,  “faire une fausse note” (“play a wrong note”) also means “show lack of taste”.

  • Meetic

    Oops. Everything is in French again.
    Meetic asked me to rebuild its global French Tone of Voice. I found a concept and conceived a reference document compiling all the rules, examples, do’s and don’t, before applying it on a batch of emailings. I also trained their internal writers to the new Tone of Voice so that they are independents.

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  • LEVI’S

    Fantastic. No French words here.
    This is a brand movie I worked on for LEVI’S and it talks about hallmarks, in gesture like in outfit.

  • Le Petit Ballon – Father’s Day

    French words again for Father’s Day, saying that if you have no gift idea, you can choose a wine subscription “au pif” i.e “off the top of your head”. Indeed, in French, “pif” also means “nose” and “wine”. Thanks to this is a tuto-like video, you are told which wine for which type of nose. Just choose the type of nose which is the closest to your father’s one and you have your gift.

  • Club Med

    These are social media posts I worked on with Club Med to evoke the universe of each hotel.

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  • BlaBlaCar

    Non classé

    Sorry, these prints are in French and they are illustrating the new baseline of the TV film.

    No agency, I worked directly with Blablacar.

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  • Leroy Merlin

    Here is a campaign I worked on for influencers. Leroy Merlin (DIY French store) wanted to promote its quarterly magazine, focused on lightening. We created a wooden box and sent it to a few influencers. The box contained many accessories so that they could transform it and make their own unique floor lamp.

    With who : 
    Agency : Ici Barbès

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  • Apple
  • Avène
  • Blablacar
  • Bouygues Telecom
  • Chanel
  • Château Yquem
  • Citroën
  • Club Med
  • Eurostar
  • Fiat 500
  • Guerlain
  • Hello Bank
  • Innocent
  • Jimmy Fairly
  • L’Oréal
  • Le Cnes
  • Leroy Merlin
  • Levi’s
  • La Croix Rouge Française
  • La Française des Jeux
  • Le Ministère de la Culture
  • Le Petit Ballon
  • Maisons du Monde
  • Meetic
  • Mini
  • Palais des Thés
  • Printemps
  • Sciences Po
  • SNCF
  • ...

I was born here. On that day, the best-selling single was that. I grew up listenning to it in a loop, until that one. To improve my musical culture, I’ve ended up here. I got my first job — here — and I learned everything I needed. Then I took my freedom back, to see that. That. And that. Maybe the reason why I decided to keep being free. Since that day, you can meet me here, here or here. You can book me everywhere, since I can buy that. Actually, my life as a freelance pretty looks like that.

I first spent 5 years as a copywriter in a global agency. Then I experimented working as a freelancer and it’s been 10 years I’m happy with it. I learned how to switch from one brand to another, at any time, and from anywhere. I mean anywhere. Less glamour sometimes yes, but more agility. And that’s precisely what made it easier for me to quickly adapt to briefs and find the right answer. With freshness or humour, seriousness and accuracy. And with other free creatives as well. AD, video production, motion design, illustration, photography, I can come with other fantastic freelancers depending on your project.


  • Film
  • Naming
  • Social Media
  • Print
  • Activation / Stunts
  • Transcreation

Social media, advertising or institutional copywriting

I can find the idea, write the scenario, think with your team or other freelancers I’m used to work with. If needed, I can also keep an eye on the production and the post-production.


Brand creation

If you are looking for a name, I can help. I like finding the perfect word that will fit your brand and its universe. If needed, I can also work with an AD for the logo, so that you have a ready-to-go brand.

Social Media

Social Media copywriting

On my own, or with other creatives, I can conceive stories, posts to match the identity of your brand.


Advertising copywriting

On my own, or with other creatives, I like looking for the right punchy headline to make your brand emerge.

Activation / Stunts

One-shot ideas

On my own, or with other creatives, I like looking for the one-shot idea that will make your brand emerge on social media.


From international market to Fr market

Once translated by specialists, I can adapt the campaign with the right puns and words to make it more powerful on the FR market.

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